Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Brooder Pen

Although not on our yearly "project wish list", we needed a brooder box for new chicks or a broody hen while hatching.  Especially since White Orpingtons tend to go broody, we need to be prepared.

The Moose spent part of Saturday, and part of Monday putting this together.  Mind you almost all of the components came from left over scrap material or the scrap pile at the local hardware store.  Just how we like it, economical! 

Notice the sand box underneath?  One of our issues is getting an area where they can dust bathe, that always stays dry, and I can add diatomaceous earth (food grade) to help prevent mites/lice.  I use diatomaceous earth in their coop, nesting boxes and the run.  It keeps flies away, dries up their poo and helps with the smell.

This will soon be put to use, when we take the three Hooligans out to The Compound in a couple of weeks.  We still have to put up a fence wall inside to separate the chickens when needed.  We're saving that for another weekend.

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  1. This is great! We've been discussing a new hen house and a brooding area is on my list of must includes. I've heard about the DE, but always used wood ash. Flies were bad this year (until our string of days over 100) so I know I need something to help keep that under control.


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