Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Do You Ever Just Wonder?

Wonder how/when did your chin/neck get saggy?

Wonder why your husband looks good with gray hair, but why we have to keep coloring ours?

Wonder how we can be so polarized in this country?

Wonder how our country can be satisfied with the education system?

Wonder how our citizens can just look past the immoral, unethical representatives sent to Washington and keep voting for them term after term?

Wonder when your neighbors will wake up?

Wonder why the kids that get off the bus take their ever lov'in sweet time crossing the street?

Wonder why it’s OK for young girls to dress like prostitutes?

Wonder why Dr. Pepper tastes soooo good!?

Wonder how your grandmother did all that she did with little or no modern conveniences?

Wonder what tomorrow will bring?

Wonder if my infatuation with chickens will ever end?

Wonder what your blog friends look like?
Wonder if you think I'm crazy yet?


  1. #1 My necks not saggy yet
    2 What gray hair ?
    3 That polarization is going to break us apart.
    4 The education system is lacking, mainly on the home front with poor parenting.
    5 The citizens keep voting the way television tells them to, based on whomever spends the most money. Sad reflection of current values...
    6 The neighbors will wake up the day after SHTF
    7 The kids are slow crossing because of the lack of common courtesy, once again refer back to poor parenting.
    8 Young girls dressed like prostitutes and boys looking like gang bangers. Once more, bad parenting !
    9 Dr. Pepper has that unusual flavor because of the poly-vinyl-alcohol in the ingredients. Nothing like liquid plastic to fill out that flavour lol
    10 Grandma had skills some of us have lost.
    11 Tomorrow will bring change...always
    12 When you start eating them...
    13 Ya already know what I look like ha ha
    14 Not crazy...yet

    Set up the hunt camp out at Bull Creek, ready for archery season this weekend. Woo hoo !

    1. You're too funny! Good luck w/ the archery season. We definately need to plan a Saturday when you and the Dragon Lady can come out to The Compound.

  2. Nutty as a fruit cake. I wonder most of those same things. What's that make me

    1. It makes you another nutty fruit cake!

    2. You reading my mind? Loving reading your blog and watching your progress. It's looking good

    3. Katidids, thanks for following along, I'm thrilled you love reading my blog. I hope I provide interesting and fun things to keep your interest.


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