Saturday, December 31, 2011

Two Months and Counting, Wild Hogs

It was a sunny, slightly breezy, gorgeous, 78 degrees today at the Compound.  It was perfect!  It started out as usual, leaving the homestead around 6 a.m. and getting to the Compound right around 7 a.m.   First on the agenda is to let the Hooligan's escape their confines to freedom of the open range for the day.  It's like kids getting out of school at the end of the day!  They bring such happiness to the Moose and I.   Some  people golf, others play tennis, we have the Hooligans.

My Mom and Dad joined us later in the morning to drop off some supplies they picked up at a recent estate sale;  tool box, buckets of nails, screws, etc.  All I'm sure will come in handy for our upcoming projects.  Speaking of which, one of those on the "Wish List" moved up the priority list to "Must Have";  learn to hunt wild hogs.  The Moose and my Dad put a dog kennel together.  We purchased this a few months back for around $150.00 at one of the big hardware stores, with this project in mind.  It took them an hour or so to have it put up, and additional stakes in the ground for extra support.  Each stake was wired to the kennel, and drove into the ground.  They removed the bottom part of a small wall, and my Dad will be working out the details for a trap door.  But, we're on our way..

We had heard, and one of my readers, Spud mentioned that in Florida it is legal on private property to bait wild hogs.  We have a HUGE overpopulation problem, I'm sure they're happy to see some of them go.  We have over 1 million wild/feral hogs in central Florida alone.  If we can learn how to bait, clean, and BBQ/smoke them, we should have a good resource in the future.  Up in Wisconsin, where we originally hail from, we called a pig roast a Sparnfarkel.  Say that three times fast.

Back to Eden principals update:

Sorry the lens cap got in the way, new camera.  Here's an overall view of our garden with the mulch in place.

Finally, Miss Izzy had another lucky day!  One rather large disgusting rat, and a turtle.  The rat is dead, the turtle has been set free!

Happy 2012!

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