Thursday, December 29, 2011

New Year, New Project List, and Resolutions

With age comes wisdom, we hope. I've been tossing around a list of projects we'd like to complete at the Compound in 2012.  The list doesn't seem as intensive as in the past, but maybe that's because after this last year, nothing for us is impossible.  Reflecting on all our accomplishments, and the education we've received by trial and error, reading books, or from listening to others, this years list seems a bit trivial.  Maybe it's because we've finished the hard labor, or because no task seems that daunting anymore.

Can you even imagine the settlers of old carving out their little piece in the world?  No electricity, limited resources or supply lines?  I'm afraid that our world is changing before our eyes, and those who have sat around watching reality T.V. instead of trying to figure out how to help themselves, will be too late.  I personally have very little sympathy for the adults that have ample opportunity to see what is coming and chose to get their nails done, instead of starting a food storage program.  I do worry about their children, who unfortunately will be sacrificed for their parents ineptitude.  The Moose and I have just about given up trying to warn people to try and prepare.  They laugh, and talk about how crazy we are behind our backs.  That's fine, but when SHTF, we'll be on our way to prepared.  Resolve to Prepare People! 

With a new year on hand, I resolve to try and make my blog as descriptive as possible.  What started out as a personal journal, has become a stop off point for many, to see what we're up to.  I'm going to try and put more details and videos of our projects so you can decide whether or not, you'd like to follow along with your own, and /or learn by our mistakes so you can accomplish the same task on your end easier.  In the meantime, here's our lists;

Must Have List
  • Set up bee hive, build a fence around it so Miss Izzy and the Hooligans can't get near
  • Plant spring garden, add more greens for the Hooligans
  • Learn how to process seeds from plants for next seasons garden
  • Fence off blueberries
  • Buy and plant more blueberry plants
  • Plant the avocado tree Daughter Number 2, and her boyfriend got us for Christmas
  • Place mulch around the outside of the garden
  • Power spray the shed, get rid of the dust and grime
  • Build a stone pizza/bread oven
  • Continue storing food and supplies for when SHTF
  • Finish small items still left to complete in the trailer and deck;  caulk, paint, stain
  • Read and take classes to learn "old school" crafts;  sewing, knitting, candle making, etc
  • Learn how to properly trim the fruit trees
  • Keep up with the Back to Eden gardening principles
  • Build or purchase a small chicken coop for when the hens go broody, or a sick/injured chicken needs to be separated
  • Learn more about composting, so we can do it on a larger scale.  Right now the small barrel we use, is too small for our large garden
Wish List
  • Build railing on the dock
  • Build a mini dock for the boat launch
  • Consider another container for storage of personal items should we need to evacuate our home
  • Ducks; they're just so darn cute
  • Talapia for the pond
  • Learn how to hunt/capture wild hogs
  • Mulch around the remaining trees on the property
I'm sure we'll add to the list, move items from the Wish List to the Must Have List, etc.  That goes with the territory.  The Moose and I look forward to eliminating the items on our list, as we move through 2012.  Now, what will you resolve to learn and accomplish this year?   I'd like to hear your ideas.  Thanks to all of you who have followed along in 2011.  If you would like more information or have questions, please leave me a message in the comments section.

  Happy New Year! 


  1. I may be able to help you with the small sick room for a hen. I use a large dog kennel. They are portable and just the right size for one hurt or sick bird. Plus if you need to bring a bird into the house so you can tend to it you have a portable sick room. As far as a small coop for a boody, make a chicken tractor that you can separate a broody into without a spot for her to nest or she will keep nesting wherever she is.

    Now for ducks. You can't beat Khaki Campbells. They lay better than a chicken and they are full of personality. All this is already on my blog and you know who I am.

    Every year I pick a different food group to learn new recipes. One year it was bread, another soup, another was salads. This year it is beans.I am also going to learn how to make shampoo and toothpaste. This will go well with the goats milk soap and lotions that I make and sell. You can see them at if you are interested.
    Have a happy and productive New Year. I enjoy reading your blog.

  2. You have private land on water ?
    Hog hunting is not hard, if you bait.
    Baiting is legal on private land year round in Florida.
    I bow hunt out at Bull Creek every chance I get. Nice quite way to hunt.

  3. Spud, thanks for following along. Yes we have private property, so we're good to go. I'll be updating my blog, as the Moose and my Dad put up the pen today.

    Sista, It's always great to hear from you. I often wonder if people read through the whole blog, or just skim it. I put you in the category of all the way through. We'll be checking into the Khaki Campbell Ducks to see if they are available here in Florida. Thanks again - Happy New Year!

  4. I always read my blogs all the way through. Ya never know when you might glean a good idea. Most hatcheries carry Khaki Campbells ducks and will ship them. I got mine from Metzer Farms. If you should decide to get any males only get one. They are for breeding only and you wont need more than one. My male more than takes care of the 3 females I have and I have been tempted to get rid of him since I don't need any more ducklings.


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