Thursday, December 22, 2011

Looking Back and Forward

As the end of this year approaches, I'm trying to evaluate many things in my life, but as it relates to this blog, I'll focus solely on our efforts at the Compound.  We started out in January with a "must have" and "wish" lists.  Along the way we added a few projects as well.  I think we did really well actually, considering our work was accomplished on the weekends and holidays. 

Must haves;-Paint the container, it's a lovely orange color right now. It's going to be green, so it will blend in better with it's surroundings.
-Build the chicken coop, no I haven't forgotten about MY chickens!
-Till and get ready the garden for planting
-Put up our greenhouse, it's small but should help get things started.
-Plant seedlings
-Clean out the wild blackberry area, so it's easier to pick. Right now it has grasses and weeds growing in the same area.

Wish list;
-Plant some additional fruit trees and bushes. I think we lost some of the ones we planted last year due to the freezing temperatures we had in December.
-Build a railing on the dock. I always feel like I'll fall off. I know it's an optical illusion, but I want the safety.
-Build a pizza/stone oven  (We bought some of the bricks recently, so we are working out the details)
-Expand the garden to include a separate herb garden (We did expand the garden, no herbs added at this point.
-Build a mini dock by the boat launch area, to help with loading and unloading of our boat from the trailer.

Add on Projects;
-Move the trailer
-Remodel the trailer
-Build a new covered and enclosed deck for the trailer
-Follow the Back to Eden principals, and mulch our garden.
-Get Honey Bees and the necessary supplies  (still need to order the bees)

The lists don't include the basic maintenance of a yard, garden or chickens.  But looking back, I think we should be very proud of the things we accomplished. God has truly blessed us.

Now what projects should we consider for next year? 

Merry Christmas Everybody!

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