Monday, November 7, 2011

Back to Eden Central Florida - 2

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We were fortunate this weekend to have stupendous weather.  70's and a nice breeze.  We were actually able to get two loads of mulch from the landfill on Saturday.  We offloaded the first load on our fruit trees, blueberries and roses. 

The rest of the first load and three fourths of the second load went into the garden, and finished the areas we were unable to complete last weekend.  We still have two large sections to fill and expect to need another 2-3 loads of mulch to finish.

  1. We were recipients of a couple of inches of rain this past week.  While the mulch was dry to the touch on top, it was as described by Paul in the BtE film, wet underneath down to the soil level.
  2. The mulch does settle down.  At first it seems very messy.  But with a little rain and some walking it makes a nice surface to work on.  No more mud! 
  3. As long as it's thick enough, weeds have trouble gaining ground.  In the past, we would spend hours weeding, only to return the next week and have to start over again.  We were totally weed free in the area we mulched last weekend.  

For those that follow along with the Compound, we had a typical weekend.  Mowed the yard, and took care of the Hooligans.  We spent the night Saturday, so we could observe the Hooligans and their home at night.  Yes, it seems we have rats.  Yuck!  That is likely what is eating the eggs.  So much of a problem it appears that the Hooligan's have moved out from their coop at night to sleeping on top of the coop.  Frankly, I hope this is my problem.  I can deal with this.  I didn't want to deal with having to cull my chickens that were eating eggs.  They're part of the family, and I would not be happy parting with any of them.  I'm keeping my fingers crossed, that this is in fact the problem.

We're heading to a store to buy supplies to close up the top two thirds of their coop fencing, so they can not enter.  It's more expense, but if this takes care of the egg eating problem, and lets the Hooligans sleep better at night, than it's worth every penny.

Lucy, came in contact with either a raccoon or an opposum.  Her waddle was ripped off the side of her little head and a pile of feathers was found outside the coop, near their roosts.  She didn't look to be feeling very well either.  We'll be keeping an eye on her.  She doesn't have a healthy disposition to begin with, but she's a charmer, so we put up with it. 

We are however, losing patience with Monkey.  He went after the Moose again this weekend.  Monkey's running out of time.  If he wasn't such a good "watch dog" over some of the girls, he would be gone already.

The Moose went and picked up some hay, and bedding on Saturday.  As soon as he put down the back gate to the trailer, the Hooligans couldn't wait to investigate.  They even went for a short hayride.

Thanks for the comments, and following along with this crazy blog.

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