Monday, August 8, 2011

Ruler of the Roost

The General, aka General Patton, aka Crabby Patty. Take a look at this guy! He's awesome, and there is no guesswork involved when looking at the Hooligan's, who is in charge! So far, he's been very pleasant. He holds his ground, but so far he lets the Moose and I come and go as needed. We'll pray that it continues. I've heard horror stories about roosters. Here he is with one of his girls;
We spent the night at the Compound, so the Moose got up at dawn and let the Hooligan's out for the day on Sunday. I wish I had it on video! They were so excited, they swarmed him on his way back to the camper. They are getting braver each time they are let out. Busy exploring their free range. The Moose went back a bit later to collect an egg or two for breakfast (we've collected 19 eggs to date), and the Hooligan's were up by the front of the camper scratching for bugs. Here are some photos:

Otherwise, the weekend was spent doing much of the same thing; feeding and caring for the Hooligan's, and working on the inside of the camper. My Mom and Dad came for a short visit, and we got in a card game of "Hand and Foot". Great fun.

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