Monday, August 22, 2011

Moose's Little Helpers

It's amazing what you can accomplish when you put your mind, arms, back, and legs to it! Boy did we get alot done Saturday and Sunday. We worked from dawn until dusk each day.

It's so much fun letting the Hooligan's out of the run for the day. It's like watching kids at school, being let out to the playground.

The Hooligan's spent the morning being the Moose's little helpers. The Moose worked on a run of electrical from the camper to an outpost for the generator. It helps keep the noise from generator as far from the camper as possible. He made the connections, ran the electrical through gray pvc piping, dug a trench to bury it all in. The Hooligan's helped him by scratching up some extra dirt and eating bugs from the trench. Scarlet, the nosiest of the bunch, worked over his shoulder giving him direction on how to connect the wire/cable. I didn't get that in a photo, but did get these;

I finished painting the bathroom and closet inside the camper. It looked so good, we decided we'll go ahead and paint the kitchen cabinets (that's for another weekend). We also got another start on the deck. We worked as long as we had materials to keep going.

Sunday, we stopped at the hardware store for more supplies to finish up the deck. We spent the morning offloading our purchases, feeding and cleaning up after the Hooligan's, and then kickstarted the completion of the deck floor. The Moose also took care of a 3' long pigmy rattlesnake. We put up with most things around the area, but not a pigmy rattlesnake in the area of the camper and the Hooligan's.

As you can see, we finished the base of the deck. I stained/waterproofed the floor boards, and basically ran out of daylight to finish the posts and side panels. We'll get to that next weekend, baring of course Hurricane Irene. She's expected to come up along the east coast, which may put the Compound and the Hooligan's (we're about 20 miles from the coast) in harms way. Keep us in your prayers.

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