Friday, January 7, 2011

List of 2011 Projects

I figure if I make a list of the things that need to be completed at The Compound, you can help hold my feet to the fire! Here's a list of projects for 2011;

Must haves;
-Paint the container, it's a lovely orange color right now. It's going to be green, so it will blend in better with it's surroundings.
-Build the chicken coop, no I haven't forgotten about MY chickens!
-Till and get ready the garden for planting
-Put up our greenhouse, it's small but should help get things started.
-Plant seedlings
-Clean out the wild blackberry area, so it's easier to pick. Right now it has grasses and weeds growing in the same area.

Wish list;
-Plant some additional fruit trees and bushes. I think we lost some of the ones we planted last year due to the freezing temperatures we had in December.
-Build a railing on the dock. I always feel like I'll fall off. I know it's an optical illusion, but I want the safety.
-Build a pizza/stone oven
-Expand the garden to include a separate herb garden
-Build a mini dock by the boat launch area, to help with loading and unloading of our boat from the trailer.

I think that's all for now. Follow the blog to see if we get all of this accomplished. Happy New Year, and Best Wishes for 2011!

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  1. It's a good list. I hope it all works out for yall.
    Planting the fruit trees is on our list as well. I just have to build something to keep the goats away from them.
    If it keeps raining here I am going to need a boat dock of my own.


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