Monday, December 27, 2010

Since we've been busy getting ready for the return of our youngest from Spain, baking cookies, and decorating the house, we haven't had much time to really dedicate to the Compound. So I thought I'd get philosophical, since we're approaching the new year.

Here are some things I've learned in 2010;

1. Things are not always as they appear.

We planted trees this year, and as we started to dig the holes, we realized the previous owners buried old roofing barrel tiles. They are not easy to dig up.

Our water table is only 5'down, and salty. Who would have thought?!

2. While working at the compound, I will never again have good looking finger nails!

3. My husband, the Moose, is incredible! It doesn't matter what the project requires; heavy lifting, standing out in the hot sun reaching temperatures with heat indexes this past summer of 115 degrees, digging out roots, etc. It was his sheer will that got the compound to where it is today. It's awesome!

4. 2-1/2 acres is bigger than you think! Once you get started clearing land, and then have to mow it all, you know size really does matter. It takes me nearly 3 hours to mow. Yes, that's on a riding lawn mower, and I get that baby moving!

5. Heat/Sweat is measured by the number of t-shirts you change in and out of for the day. Our record day was 6 shirts!

6. Our car can lock it's own doors when you least expect it!

7. Alligators are fun to look at when they are in the water, 15 feet away, but not so cute when they come on shore to take a closer look at your dog!

8. You can build just about anything, even if it takes a couple of tries.

9. Just because it's Florida, doesn't mean it has to rain, or be warm!

10.Peace and tranquility make up for all the hard labor.

11. New ideas and plans never stop.. nor should they. It's what gives us drive and determination to finish the next project. It's even better when plans are shared and accomplished with those you love.

That's it for my philosophy lessons. Best wishes for an awesome New Year!

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