Sunday, December 12, 2010


Well, call us slugs. We didn't do much again this weekend by way of "work" at the compound. We lost our garden due to the cold last week, so most of that is being pulled out. We planted some replacement strawberry plants, as the first batch barely came up at all. Maybe 20 out of 100 plants. The company was nice enough not to argue, and sent us 100 new plants. Those are covered, awaiting the extremely cold temperatures we'll get the next couple of nights. We are expecting a hard freeze Tues and Wed. Yuk!

The Moose, our daughter's boyfriend Kevin, and I put our boat in the canal, and went for a ride on Saturday. It was a blast. We were shocked at how deep the canals are, and then all of a sudden, your in less than 2'. The sun was out, and it made for a great day! Since we've been blessed with daughters, the Moose is thrilled to have another guy around on occasion to help with the heavy lifting.

Have a safe week!

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