Sunday, January 9, 2011

Check, Check

We accomplished two projects off of our list this weekend; build the greenhouse, and get the seedlings started. We opted to build the greenhouse at home rather than the compound, so I can water and monitor as often as necessary, without having to travel to the compound more than necessary. It'll only need to be up for about a month, which should keep the neighbors happy.

We did run out to the compound on Saturday, watered what's left of the garden, and inserted this new gadget my oldest daughter gave me for Christmas. It's really cool! Plant Smart by Black and Decker, It's taking readings of soil moisture, fertilizer level, and sun hours based on recommendations for strawberries. I need to let it run for a few days, then bring it home, hook it up to my computer and it downloads the data, letting me know what I need more or less of.

I'll be doing this same type of reading over the next few weeks in other areas of the garden, to make sure I have everything right before we plant in February.

We would have liked to start burning the HUGE brush pile, but we have Red Flag Warnings, and a burn ban, so that will have to wait. I feel like we accomplished some important goals, and look forward to the week ahead. I hope you have a good one too!

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