Monday, January 24, 2011

Another one bites the dust!

Well, we got another project off of our list; cleaning out the wild blackberry area. We bought fence posts, and tied up the canes to get them off the ground, to help ease picking and keep the fruit clean. We started with 8 posts, but quickly found out, we need at least 8 more to complete the project. It looks ten times better already, and it turned out like we wanted it to; easy walking paths between the plants. We cleaned out the dead branches, and leaves from the area. As we put in more posts and tie up some more loose canes, we'll be able to clean out some additional space.

This past week we cleaned out the pond. It was virtually empty, so it was a good time, to pump out the remaining water, and clean out the dead leaves and debris that seem to find there way in. While cleaning out the pond, we noticed some critter decided he was going to taste test the liner, down by the water line of all things. I guess he couldn't decide if that was good enough, so he tried a few other areas along the top edge of the pond. We're not too concerned about those at the top, but the one at the water line already proved a problem.

A storm blew in, dropping between 3 and 4 inches of rain, right over the top of the hole in the liner. So we spent part of Saturday, lifting the pond liner up, so we could patch the hole. It worked, it's patched. Now we'll see if it holds. Murphy's Law; if something can go wrong, it will. We'll be fencing around the entire pond. We've decided since it needs to be fenced in, we'll be expanding our garden and incorporating the chicken coop into a couple of it's walls. Stay tuned...

Here's another picture of Miss Izzy. She absolutely loves going to the Compound! She spends her time hunting field mice and lizards. She wears herself right out. Once we get home, she heads straight for her kennel and sleeps for hours.

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