Monday, August 16, 2010

Clearing for Container

Well, we got one of two projects done this past weekend. It was just too darn hot to do much more. The heat index was over 105 degrees, and it seemed like the humidity was at 100% or better. For Darryl it was a 6 t-shirt day. He literally went through 6 t-shirts on this project. His nickname is the Moose. If you've ever watched him work, you'd understand why.

We had to clear a section of the property and level it off, so we can place a 40' storage container. Darryl decided to clear off another section next to it, just because. It's not as easy as it might look. Trees needed to be cut out, trunks and roots removed, then add in the vines, and thorny bushes, and it makes for a long hot day. We had some help towards the end from our neighbor Paul and his box blade/tractor leveling off the area with some fill dirt we had on site.

Two weeks from now, we're having a pond dug, which we'll use to catch and hold rain water for the garden. We hope to get to digging post holes for the garden and chicken coop in the next few weeks. It'll be a short weekend of work for us coming up as our daughter is coming home for a few days before she's off to Spain for the Fall semester.

Best wishes for a great week!

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  1. I understand about the heat. I usually stop work around noon or so and get back out after 7. We even had some animal losses due to the heat. As bad as I hate tromping through the mud, it was better than this.


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