Monday, August 2, 2010

Are We Becoming Rednecks?

My question to you is; are we becoming rednecks?

*We bought a piece of property on a dirt road, completely surrounded by nature, and occasionally we can hear someone off in the distance having target practice. We've been known to let off a few rounds ourselves.

*We no longer care about the Jone's, or Smith's or whomever. We're living our life the way we want to. So family and friends, get over the fact that I AM GOING TO GET CHICKENS. The coop is here, and we've got the fence posts marked.

*We've decided to get back to a simpler life, not necessarily easier. We're reading up on gardening, composting, and canning. All of which are really making a comeback. I'm not sure if that's because this country is out of money, or others want a life filled with homegrown veggies that have no pesticides. Whatever the reason, there is great personal reward when a project has been completed with your own two hands. I really need a manicure!

*Fresh air and sunshine do make for a redneck, farmer tans and bug bites. Other than the bug bites, the sunshine and fresh air are wonderful.

So what do you think? Are we becoming rednecks?


  1. Hahahaha. You get your chickens, Mom! Alicia and I get to name them though :)

  2. What is wrong with it even if you are? I am a proud Redneck and not afraid nor do I care what others think. Redneckism is a way of life and cannot be bought. Everyone wants to be one, but only a few will admit to it.It seems you have a good start and the makings of one of us so go and read how and why to become a redneck at
    Good luck on your chickens. I am sure they will bring you great joy. The next step is some mini goats.
    Blessings to you and yours,
    Modern Day Redneck


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