Tuesday, April 14, 2015


In just a few short weeks we'll have owned The Compound for 5 years.  We purchased the property in May 2010.  I started the blog several months later, as a journal of our progress.  In that amount of time, I've written 490 entries including this one, and I have now reached over 100,000 page views!

All I can say is thanks for following along!  You are much appreciated!  For those that have taken the time to comment, an extra big thank you!


  1. Congratulations to both of you!

  2. Izzy,

    Congratulations, you both have worked very hard to create this compound, and blog. It's always a pleasure to come over and read what's going on at the compound :-)

  3. Izzy, that's a wonderful anniversary to celebrate. Congratulations! So glad you decided to start your blog. :)


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