Friday, September 12, 2014

Back to the Grind

We're back to the usual Compound grind this coming weekend.  We've taken a "leave of absence" the past two weekends.  We took care of the usual chores, and that was it!

We spent Labor Day and the following weekends at KARS Park on Merritt Island.  It sits directly across from the Kennedy Space Center and the cruise ship port on the Banana River.  It's a park for military personnel and/or their friends.  Our dear friend, a retired Marine Corps Lt. Colonel, one of a select few that flew the Harrier jet, got us a pass.   So, we get access to this very quiet, serene, on the water with a boat launch campground, RV park.

So with full hook ups, we parked the RV at a site for a little over a week.  Enjoying these views;

We ate too much, and laughed even more with great family and friends.  We even got to celebrate Ms. Brenda's 67th 29th Birthday!

The Moose even got out on his boat for the first time in a very long time. 

There were huge groups of manatees in the water, along the shorelines and a couple right at the boat launch.  They are huge!  I used to feel really sorry for them, after seeing them being rehabilitated from propeller injuries.  Not so much anymore.  They are not very bright!  They will swim directly underneath your boat,  and they will not move.  So even if you are in a "no wake" manatee zone, which means just above idling, you could still injure them at no fault of your own. 

We've lived in FL for almost 20 years and actually have been able to watch a space shuttle launch.  However, this launch was over on the mainland, Cocoa, FL side.  Well, let me tell you;  I'm sure it was nothing like it would have been from KARS Park!  We were woken out of a deep sleep at 1 a.m. to a rocket launch!  I mean, if it wasn't tied down it came down.  The RV was shaking and rattling and the noise was incredible!  It only had one rocket booster, can you imagine the noise and power the shuttle would have had with the 2 solid rocket boosters!  Incredible amount of power.

Now we are getting back into the groove, and planning our weekend workload at The Compound.  Have a safe and productive weekend!


  1. Izzy,

    It sounds like you and Moose enjoyed yourselves camping at KARS and visiting friends. We loved watching the shuttle, and rockets take off at the center. Hubby worked there for a while training and he loved it. There are times I so miss living in Florida.

    Aren't the Manatee's so sweet!!!

  2. Manatee dodging in a boat. I am glad that is not something to worry about up here lol.

  3. I always liked going to see the Manatee at the rescue facility on the Homassa river. My uncle had a cabin there and it was just a ways up river. Back then, though, the whole river was crystal clear, not black and murky like it is now.

  4. So cool! Sounds like a wonderful weekend, Izzy...have a happy Monday, my friend! :)


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