Friday, July 11, 2014

Unwanted Guest Lurking in the Woods

We have an unwanted guest lurking in the woods next to The Compound.   I'm guessing the chickens and pigs grab his or her attention.  He's been spotted three times in less than two weeks, on the drive into our property.  It's creepy knowing you're being watched.

We will no longer walk around unarmed or leave the chickens unattended.  We'll be double checking the fence line, coop house and roof, etc. to make sure it's all ship-shape.


  1. We have bob cats around here but I have never seen one, well alive at least, they are very nice looking cats but I don't want to pet one. I would only be afraid of one with rabies as they want nothing to do with people. You could probably call it in with a hurt rabbit call.

  2. A not so nice kitty to have around

  3. Izzy,

    We have them out at my mom's place running all over. I always carry a gun and flashlight at night when outside her place because the wildlife is always coming up to the door or to her pool. Be careful, I had one growl and it wasn't even cornered or anything.

  4. They are so pretty, but no thanks! We have them here, too. We thought we saw evidence of one here on the property earlier this spring, but never actually saw the cat itself. Take care!


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