Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Benefits of a Wallow

Mud wallows are necessary;

1.  To help keep them cool in hot temperatures.

If you don't provide them with one, they'll create their own!  This guy is trying to lay down in a water container.  We have another pig that actually holds down the water nipple and lets it run onto the ground to create his own mud bog. (even though we've already provided him one!)

2.  To create a barrier from insects.  Can you blame them?

3.  It's their version of SPF!  Their hair is very coarse and you can see their skin underneath.  Without their mud baths, they'd get sunburn.

I've read articles that state, they are not necessary and even unsanitary.  After watching our pigs create their own, I believe its ingrained.  Similar to hand raising chicks;  how do they know to scratch for food or dust bath if they've never been around a full grown hen?  They just know.

We dug out a specific wallow area for them and fill it with fresh water almost every day, unless it rains.  It naturally drains or soaks into the ground making it necessary.  As soon as the water gets turned on, they all make a dash for their wallow.


  1. I worked for a farmer up in South Dakota who raised pigs, among other things, and his did not wallow but he had them housed in partial pasture and inside a large structure. I assume it was cool enough they never felt the need because coming from Missouri they always wallow down here so it surprised me.

  2. Our wallow doesn't seem to hold water so Waldo used his water dish. Then we got a large tray like thingy that I keep filled with a little water. He loves it!

  3. Izzy,

    Heck I don't blame the pigs, I'd be in water to cool down too!!!
    Hubby and I are even thinking about picking up one of those cheap kids pools just to lay in when working on the property in the extreme heat.
    I just love the pictures of your pigs.

    This picture of one pig in the water container, he looks so serious and on a mission.


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