Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Garden - 2014

While the Moose and the boys were off adding the 7 little pigs to our Compound brood, I stayed back Saturday and spent the better part of the day working on our garden.  The garden has all but been ignored this past year.  Throw one project after another in it's way, and it has suffered.  It became a weed infested debacle.
So, I finished tilling up the main garden area, and where our strawberry patch used to be.  The mulch we had put down last year, has all but become soil underneath the weeds.  We dug up the big weeds, and at this point the easiest thing to do was just till the rest under.
I had some help after the tilling was done. The girls spent the better part of the day helping me straightening things out by scratching in search of bugs.  They did a really good job, with just over 30 hens, there were a lot of feet to go around!  The bugs had no chance.
We're going to try our hands at potatoes again this year, but using the tire method.  This is just the start.  No spuds planted yet, just ready to go when the eyes have sprouted.  I've seen them planted without the eyes rooting out.  What's your opinion, should I wait for them to sprout or can I just plant them as they are?

I also finished the lettuce raised bed (minus some additional soil).  I had to cut the boards to fit, screw them together and then placed weed block on the bottom to keep the dirt in the bed.  It's not pretty, but should be functional.

I have at least two more raised beds to build.  All of it has been built with scrap wood.  

Have a good week everyone, and thanks for tagging along and taking the time to send us your thoughts.


  1. Izzy,

    I wait for my potato to sprout, cut them into pieces they put them in straw. Nice raised garden bed for the lettuce. I love not having to bend down to reach the lettuce. Have you considered trying spinach in the raised bed too?

    1. Sandy,

      As a matter of fact, I have my spinach seeds out on the counter for this coming weekend. I need to build another bed, and I definitely want to try spinach.

  2. With my last frost date being near the end of April, we are far from garden season outdoors. We did take a walk around the place over the weekend and made plans... Two varieties of lettuce seed were planted indoors on Saturday from last year's seed -- one variety has sprouted as of this morning! We'll see about the other. I always wait to plant potatoes until they have sprouts, but then, they always have sprouts by the time our planting season is upon us. :)

    1. We're lucky to have 2 growing seasons here. We are limited as to what we can grow due to the heat and/or cool weather. We're hoping for a better run of luck with gardening this spring. There's just so much to learn and physically do to keep up with it all. Look forward to reading about yours coming up in April/May.


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