Saturday, January 25, 2014

Put Another Log On the Fire

Put another log on the fire, cook me up some bacon and some beans.  I think this was part of  a Ray Stevens song, not sure it was sung by him.  But we need another log on the fire here in Central FL.  It's been cold all week, and this Saturday morning is seeing the same.

Positive things;  I get to wear some of the sweatshirts taking up space in the back of the closet, and this cold will go a long way in killing off some of the bug population.  Doesn't look like it's much friendlier anywhere else in the US either.  I'll count my blessings, I don't have to shovel snow or scrape ice off my windshield.

Stay thirsty warm my friends.

1 comment:

  1. Maybe killing off some of the bug population is the only good thing about this cold here in Florida. Neither we are our animals are equipped to handle this type of weather. I have heat lamps going in the barn for the litter of puppies. They have a lot of fur and still shivering. The goats huddle in groups to stay warm but the crazy things still lay out in the open at night. The pigs have so much hay fluffed up around them you can barely see them. Myself, I have on 3 layers of clothes and can barely move to do my chores! It is suppose to be 60 today but we have more 20's coming next week. I want spring!


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