Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Container Update - More Digging!

We are in the home stretch on the hole for the container.  Since we've been busy with the hog yard, we haven't dedicated much time to the container project.  Well, that's about to change now that the hog yard is complete.

The Moose has been diligently digging the remainder of the hole.  An hour here, an hour there...  I have helped too, but lets face it girls, guys can shovel a heck of a lot more dirt that we can!  But it does add up.

We had a load of blacktop millings delivered and placed in and  near the hole this past week.  Our neighbor down the street has a dump truck, was working on a project and brought us a total of 3 loads.  One specifically for the container.  The rock will be leveled out in the hole, once it's done to create a barrier between the bottom of the container and the dirt/mud/clay (take your pick, it's all there).

Digging is no one's favorite job, and it's back breaking work.  But give us a few more weeks and we should be about ready to move the container to it's final resting place.


  1. My back is aching just looking at that pic.

  2. Your digging that out by hand?

    No way that could be done by hand up here after about 2 feet we run into a compacted strata that defies hand tools.

    That's going to be a nice set up when you get her done though.

  3. Izzy,

    I know this is back breaking work, be careful with all that digging.
    When you're finally done it will be amazing to have your container situated.


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