Thursday, December 26, 2013

Git'er Done!

Well, the Moose and BJ, got'er done, this past weekend!  The hole for the container is totally dug out, and the gravel for the bottom has been put in place.  I'll tell you what, they worked their tail ends off!  Of course we had a heat wave, unlike the rest of the frozen U. S. of A, we were at 85 record setting degrees!  It couldn't be in the 70's when all the digging needs to be done.  Someone, somewhere has a great sense of humor.

Now, the ramp needs to be carved out to the hole, the entrance re-worked, along with the final layer of coating on the outside before it can be moved into place.   Inside structure will be completed once it's "in the hole". 

We are in count down mode at The Compound!


  1. Izzy,

    Looking really good. Now everyone must be sore digging by hand?

    1. Yes, they were sore, but it's getting better. I know both guys lost a lot of weight recently, and we can contribute it to all the digging!


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