Monday, October 21, 2013

Waterfront Property

We got up this past Saturday, even before the rooster crows and reviewed the days plans for The Compound.  Always so many ambitious ideas!  It's been bothering me for some time that the garden looks like a jungle you'd find in the Amazon, the only way through is with a machete.

Our local big box hardware store had a walk behind wheeled trimmer on their clearance rack for over a month now.  We've walked by it several times, without much thought.  It was marked down about 35% and I had the Moose put on his negotiating cap and ask for more discount.  We figured it was there for sometime, and what was there to lose?  He worked his magic and got another $50 off!  Now the trimmer was nearly 50% off, my kind of bargain.

We had plans to get started on the garden, sections at a time.  However, as with most things, that never happened.  In less than 15 minutes after our arrival the guys had the trimmer unboxed, oiled, gassed and fired up!  What began as a "lets try it out on that section by the canal and see how it works", became, lets clean up the entire edge along the canal...

What was this:

Became this:

Now it actually looks like waterfront property.  Well worth the effort, and moving forward will be much easier to maintain.


  1. I love my wheeled weed whacker. They are great for the hard to mow places and the thicker grass. So do you guys fish the canal?

    1. No we don't fish the canal. Unfortunately, there has been a lot of chemical run off in the area. We raise our own Tilapia. Click on the label "fish" on the RH side, and you can see what we've been up to!

  2. Izzy,

    Now that's a deal on your timmer!!!!!!!

    Moose did good negotiating the trimmer down another $50.00.

    It never hurts to negotiate, what can the company say "NO". And the word "NO" never hurts anyone.

    1. You might not think the big box guys would negotiate, but we've had a couple of good deals come our way, just for asking.


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