Monday, April 22, 2013

Settling in to a Rhythm

All's well at The Compound.  Spent the better part of Saturday mowing,  cleaning up the garden and planting a few rows of veggies.  Boy are we late this year!  Just too many irons in the fire.  Oh well, we can't do it all.  I've decided to only work on managing one section of the garden.  Our friends are welcome to any other section of the garden, but I no longer have the time to commit to such an undertaking.

All of our chickens are doing fantastic!  There are just so many right now!  You enter the run area and it's a stampede to see what treats I've brought.  We are up to 4 dozen eggs a week.  I need to find an outlet for all these eggs. My family can only eat so many and the Easter Eggers are not laying yet.  They should start in a month or two.  Not to sure about this breed and their timeline. Any ideas?

They've been a great breed, even the roosters so far.  They'll get out of your way, but are not afraid to walk up to you.  I do need to work on finding new homes for the extra roosters.  It's hard to pick which to keep, they're really beautiful. 

We have large Tilapia in the fish pond, right around the 6" mark, so I'm told.  I didn't put on the rubber boots and enter the pond to see.  I'll just have to trust it's the truth and not a fish story.

Things seem to be settling in to a rhythm at The Compound.  Not so much on the home front, but we're getting there.  All the grouting is done, and we sealed the living room floor.  Progress, progress

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  1. It seems that work never subsides. Keep up the good work, you'll get there.

    Your extra eggs, you could freeze them. Crack and place the entire egg in ice cube trays. Once completely frozen, remove from the trays and place in freezer bags for future use.


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