Thursday, April 11, 2013

Only 5 Bucks!

There is a common theme to our yard sale finds, at least for the Moose.  It’s 5 bucks!  I cannot begin to count the number of items he has picked up for a measly 5 dollars at yard/garage sales.  I’m sure you’re thinking, sure I can find stuff too for 5 bucks, but are they worth anything in the end?

Well, would a reverse osmosis system be worth 5 dollars, especially when all you have to invest after the fact, besides some elbow grease, is around $100 to make the whole thing work?

We are getting ready for our community yard sale this weekend, and needless to say, he has a wallet full of 5 dollar bills!  Wish him luck!

Are you a yard sale fanatic?

I didn’t use to be, it always seemed strange digging around in other peoples stuff.  Some people have really great stuff, others think they have great stuff that should have probably hit the end of the street on garbage day.   We’ve basically furnished The Compound with great yard sale finds.  I have nothing to complain about, especially since there’s more in my bank account as a result.

What’s your best find?


  1. Ah, but without my input it would have been $5 thrown in the

  2. My husband found a 6 inch bench grinder for $15.00, new would have cost us $60-70 bucks. My husband found a 1954 singer sewing machine in a stand that works really good for $30.00, I stole it from my husband and I love it :-)
    For $5.00, I found a office wood file cabinet with two long drawers with a lock and key, this cabinet usually runs $249.00. I love yard sales and estate sales. Have fun at your community sale.


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