Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Weekend Photos

We did the normal stuff this past weekend, so nothing too exciting to relate.   The Moose and Spud installed another auto waterer (is waterer even a word?) for the chicken run.  We moved some mulch, but otherwise, not much.

Thought I'd share some photos from this past Saturday.

Rose, Pennie and Cogburn exploring The Compound

Pig Pen is getting really big!

There's Berta and Corrie, hanging out. 

Rooster Cogburn

My garden, it's still warm enough to keep it going.


  1. Great pictures, thanks for sharing.
    I love your garden, it's great you still have warm weather. It's freezing here!

    1. Sandy,

      Thank you, and so far we've been blessed with warmer temps. You can keep the freezing temps. Hopefully it will hold out a bit long so I can harvest from this garden. I have lots of green tomatoes. I'd like them to ripen, please...

  2. Oh, your garden looks great. I will not show any of mine because it is a dismal seen. Seeds are ordered though for the spring and the greenhouse will be alive next month.
    Great pictures.

    1. MDR,

      Thank you, and you know what?! Gardening is not as easy as it looks in the magazines that's for sure. I'm just hoping my tomatoes have time to ripen before the cold temps drop down this far. Can't wait to see the greenhouse.

  3. Pig Pen is huge! And, is that a cauliflower? Mine haven't formed heads yet.

    1. DFW,

      Yes he is! But he's very gentle, he'll come over and eat grass/bugs off my shoes but that's it. He's never aggressive, which is a good thing. Not so sure about Cogburn, he's already got the attack tendencies. Yes, it's cauliflower, still little and the only one so far. Hoping the warm weather sticks around a few more weeks.


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