Sunday, October 2, 2011

It's Sunday morning and temperatures are anywhere from 10-15 degrees cooler than yesterday, and does it feel wonderful! It won't last long, but it's a very nice break as we haven't had temperatures this cool since May.

If you haven't had a chance to visit MDR's blog at the Modern Day Redneck, (his link is on the left side of my blog) than you are missing out. (MDR - I hope you feel better soon!) We've been following each others antics for some time now, and recently he posted the following link:

It's very interesting, and I learned a lot, and not just about gardening. The Moose and I decided we're going to give it a try, as we are continually trying to alter the soil, dealing with too much or too little water, too much or too little nutrient levels, etc. It's been a struggle. Not to mention removing weeds, which out at the Compound are never in short supply. We also want to get away from using fertilizers, and soil amendments.

So we headed over to our local landfill, and picked up our first load of mulch. We don't have wood chips here, and the mulch is free so that's what we'll be working with. That's as far as we got. We'll put it in gear next weekend.

We did finish the screened in deck! We couldn't be happier!

Here's the shower/greenhouse area;

Sherman (resident 12-14' gator) was no where to be seen. The Hooligan's are doing well, and I avoided them when possible, so no attacks by the General.

We're taking the day off from the Compound, but do have some actual business work to take care of this afternoon. After a little shopping with daughter number 1. Have a good week everyone! Thanks for following along on our adventures.

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