Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Position Filled!

A few posts back, I titled the page; Help Wanted: Rain. The position, I mean pond has been filled! For those of you tracking Florida weather, the area around our compound received between 7 and 10 inches of rain yesterday. Yes, that's in a 24 hour time period. As you'll see by the last photo, we're about 3/4 full! It's really amazing.

For those negative Nancies and Neds, who thought our pond was too big, and would never fill, eat your words. One itty bitty tropical wave took care of that problem.

The garden looks good, wet, but good. Corn, beans, squash, lettuce and cucumbers are already up. If we get some sunshine back, things will really get moving.

We expect to do some normal maintenance this weekend, nothing serious planned. We need to get home in time to watch the Gators take on Alabama.

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