Monday, October 4, 2010

Growing Garden

The garden has taken off. The corn, beans, peas, cucumbers, squash, lettuce, radishes and sunflower seeds are coming up. I'm not sure yet, if we didn't lose the rest to the massive rain we had last week. Parts of the garden look washed out. I'll replant some this weekend, if I don't see anything else coming up.

My Dad and Uncle came out to the compound on Saturday. They decided they needed to start cleaning out a huge series of Robellini palm trees, which really looked like a giant bush! What I found out later is that they needed to clear a path for their shooting range! That explains why three guys would head in to a very large, very dense and very thorny area. It will take some doing to get it all cleaned up, but it will look amazing when it's done. The funny part; after they cleared the section of tree, they realized there was a pile of stone still in the way, and that too had to be moved. I think the joke is on them!

I heard a baby alligator in the wild for the first time. It's a definite sound that only they make. I couldn't find him, but I could definitely hear him. We had 5 shoreline visitors this past weekend. I'm not comfortable with these uninvited guests, especially this many at one time.

Have a good and safe week!

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