Monday, January 19, 2015

Weekend Happenings Part 1 (1/17/15)

Things are really starting to come together at The Compound.  We have quite a few projects in the works, and all are progressing at a great pace.  The solar panels are up and running, and actually producing more power than we can store at this time!  We went without generator power all weekend, which not only saves us the cost of gas, but you could hear yourself think!  The guys used all their power tools, and on occasion it would pop a circuit when too many tools were being used.  Over time we’ll all know what the system can and cannot handle at one time.  But the work does get done and the smiles on their faces, is priceless.
These still need to be installed in framing.
We used solar to build the new nesting boxes for the turkeys.  They can start laying as early as February and I wanted them in place so they got used to them being in their living space and the hens could start “playing house”.  I put a golf ball in each one to help give them the idea.  Whether this actually works or not, who knows..


Three are 18”wide, 18” deep, 18”high at the front and 30” high at the back and the fourth box which is considered communal is 30”wide. It has a big slope so they don’t decide to take up residence on top and create something else for me to clean up.  They are bottomless.  I can lift them up to rake out the old straw bedding and replace with new.  This will be there set up until after they are done sitting on eggs.  We have plans to build them their own coop, but as with everything, we have to do 10 other things first.

The cost for the boxes, other than some nails and screws, very little.  The wood came from the free pallets we keep getting, and we did pick up some wood stain so they’ll last longer.  It cost us $20 for the stain, and we only used about 1/3 of the container so about $7.00.  My kind of repurpose project.

We’re really enjoying the turkeys.  They are great fun to watch and getting easier and easier to round up.  They actually enjoy going home, and I think they really like stealing chicken feed and scratch from the chicken feeders on the way.


  1. Looking good. So glad your solar is working so well.

  2. Izzy,

    How wonderful to hear your solar power is up and running well. Will you be selling power back to the electric company.

    1. No, we are off the grid at The Compound so we won't be selling it back. We will however, be buying more batteries so we can harness more of what we are making.

  3. I am hopeful that we will raise a few turkeys this year...something new for us!


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