Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Container Update - Wallowing - Gardening (lots of pictures)

We're finally focused back on the container, after a foray into raising hogs and spring cleaning.

Donnie painted a coat of the white roofing membrane over the top, R&B and I painted two coats on one wall in the inside (the roof and opposite wall are next).  We had some leftover paint laying around, we mixed them all together and it came out to a nice cream color.  Sure cleaned it up and we used up some of our "resource inventory".

Now don't go thinking the Moose was a slouch!  He was busy getting us set up, and cleaned up as well as;

Digging the 7 pigs a wallow.  Which they thoroughly enjoyed shortly after.  Hot weather and bugs are in the near future, and they need a way to cool off and cover themselves to avoid bug bites.

I spent part of my day mowing the acreage, and tending the garden.  Things are starting to take shape;

The red potatoes are finally popping through!

Even the new citrus we planted in containers are doing well


Meyer Lemon




The weather was fantastic, and we're looking forward to next Saturdays escapades!


  1. It's amazing what a coat of paint will do. Just makes everything look and feel more useable and neat doesn't it?

  2. Izzy,

    I'm so envious!!!! You have gorgeous weather, we are freezing here with ice and snow on the ground, and no garden here yet :-(
    The container is coming along really nice. You and Moose have been pretty busy around your homestead.

    I wonder if a Meyer lemon tree would grow here in OK?

    1. If you have freezes, then no it probably would not work for the lemon tree. However, you can grow them in containers, and if you can move it indoors during the cold weather, you might be able to. It won't grow as large, but how many lemons do you really need anyway?


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