Friday, November 22, 2013

Humor Me, Another Post About my Chickens!

I have family that is sick and tired of hearing me talk about my chickens.  I 've even been told "I don't want to hear about your damn chickens!"   It's funny/strange how comments like that come from family, but one of the first questions I get asked by my dearest and closest friends is "how are your chickens?"  They understand and appreciate what they mean to us.  They ask to see photos, and take the time to stop by The Compound.

We have over 60 of them now, and do have plans to downsize shortly, as we have a group of roosters taking up too much space and always fighting.  We just need to find the time.  I will likely post about that event too.  It will be a bit dramatic for me, but I'm not the squeamish type, nor will it bother me to serve them for Sunday dinner. 

But that doesn't take away from the sheer joy they bring us each week.  There is nothing better than showing up at The Compound and they're all gathered at the gate waiting to be let out.  Or running me down when it's snack time! 

They're a noisy bunch, but boy do they bring us joy.  So here are some recent photos of The Compound flock.  I know I'll keep posting about these "damn chickens", so you'll just have to humor me!


  1. I completely understand. I love chickens. I regal my husband every night after work on all the antics of the day. He is very patient. If you want to see something funny Google Mercedes Benz chicken commercial. I crack up every time I see it but I am easily entertained when it come to chickens.

    1. I got quit chuckle from that commercial. Her head never moves! Now I've got to try that with one of my hens this weekend!

  2. I love my chickens and talk about them. Most people are at least patient, if not interested. Of course, I have no family to tell. Sometimes I worry I talk about mine too much on my blog. But, it is my blog! I will come listen to your chicken tales.


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