Sunday, September 20, 2015

Picture Heavy Update

Be warned, picture and video heavy. 

First, the raised bed gardens the Moose built me.


Here's the loads of free wood and pallets the Moose and Donnie pick up each week.


Here are the bacon bits.

Here are the new girls!
Finally, here's the new remote controlled rotisserie!


  1. Wow those garden beds look great. Does the shade cloth help w/bugs too? You are right, those pallets are not the typical pallet wood. Those are great finds.The bacon bits & the new girls look great too!

    1. The cloth doesn't help in the least with bugs! We are under constant attack. The Moose has been getting load after load of the wood for weeks now. It goes fast as soon as fall and winter get here, because people like to use it in their backyard fire pits, so right now it's prime picking.

  2. Bacon Bits, chicken and lots of wood. Nothing else is needed. Except iced tea !!!!

    1. Well in my case, just a glass of sangria! Can't actually stand iced tea or coffee. I'm just too sweet!

  3. Izzy,

    Love those little bacon bits!!!! They're adorable, and I bet mighty fast :-)
    Glass of sangria, feet up, sit back and watch the chicken cook on the remote controlled that's what I call life!!!!

    I can't get over how gorgeous your raised garden beds look.

  4. Wow! Your raised beds have done incredibly, Izzy! And those bacon bits... Yum. :)
    Our garden did really well this year with the hot summer we had, but fall is upon us and the past two mornings it's been in the 30s here (38 yesterday and 34 today). This afternoon we'll be doing a big harvest in case we actually get a freeze. It's not predicted, but then neither were these c-o-l-d mornings...
    xo Lisa :)


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