Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Holland Lop Ears

I'm an avid Craigslist "hunter".  I peruse the farm and garden listing to see what's available.  We've found many a good find for The Compound.  That included last week.  We were racing to get out the door, and I thought just one quick snoop to see what they have.  This was at 7am.  First listing was 4 free Holland Lop Ear rabbits.  They were moving (turned out it was the truth) and couldn't take them with them.  Since we were wanting to raise rabbits anyway, it was a good way to start.
Turns out they have pedigrees.  Now, whether or not we'll do anything with them to follow suite is another question still unanswered.  They only get to about 3lbs, so for meat production it's not the best rabbit, but rabbit tastes like rabbit whether big or little.  So here they are;

Pickles and Cupcake

We also have a "blue" called Marshmallow, but her picture turned out really bad.   Also, the water bottles were frozen and placed in with them to help them stay cool.  They lay right on them.  Poor Pickles actually put her forehead on her bottle and just sat there! 

They had temporary housing up until this past weekend when The Moose and the guys built them a set of hutches in a shady area next to the chickens.  Not sure they appreciate all the noise the choir boys provide, but they'll be easy to maintain.

We only had to buy the hard wire and galvanized roofing material.  The wood you see all came from free pallets.  The pallets were over 12' long and had to be cut onsite, loaded up and hauled away.  But they were awesome pallets, very well built.  Free is always good.

So now, we're pushing to learn all we can about rabbits.  Pedigreed rabbits are going for $50 - $75 in our area.  Any helpful hints?


  1. We had rabbits for awhile but they ended up escaping. All except the one that (seemed like) it was suffering from epilepsy. But possibly perished because it got a draft from a sudden cold front. (probably not something you have to worry about in FL)

    Are you raising them for meat or to sell as pets?
    THe only advice I can give is don't let them graze directly on the ground. They are very susceptible to roundworm. Which kills them.


    1. Fjord,

      Thanks for following along; at this point our goal with rabbits was to raise them for meat purposes. I know this breed is really too small for a group of people, but if it's just for The Moose and me, it would likely be enough for a meal. But I think we'll get some of the kinks worked out in this new adventure and then I'm sure we'll be looking for the larger breeds.

  2. OH. Just reread that.

    If you want the meat rabbits, get those big white ones. Dutch I think they are called.

    Also, rabbits are (sort of) intelligent, some of them require toys to keep them from getting bored and becoming self-destructive, or aggressive if they are housed together.
    Think cat toys- little balls, bigger balls, and such. Actually, the most hilarious thing I've ever seen was our dwarf playing with a volleyball. Trying to sit on top of it. Some of them like heights.

    1. The previous owner sent along these plastic houses they sometimes go into. I don't see them going in them much, jumping and sitting on top they really seem to enjoy.

  3. Ya can't beat free rabbits with a stick. Well you can but it's counter productive :)

    Nice catch!!!

  4. Izzy,

    I don't know much about rabbits, so I can't provide advice.
    They're adorable, a little small for eating though. One real immediate positive thing, you'll have great fertilizer. Enjoy your new rabbits :-)

    1. Sandy,

      Yes, the idea of a great fertilizer (although w/chickens and pigs, I have more than my fair share of poo) is a definite plus!


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