Monday, June 30, 2014

Microburst hits The Compound

We had a series of storms hit The Compound this past Thursday. One of them produced a microburst or very small tornado.  Left a bit of damage in its wake. But thankfully, no humans or animals were hurt in the production of these high winds!  From what we can tell it started on one end, and came out the other. 

It's hard to tell unless you know this little alcove, but those bushes and trees are all laying down, where they once stood.

We lost a beautiful oak tree, which was along our driveway.  It was uprooted and laying across the driveway.

We spent the better part of Friday, Saturday and Sunday cleaning up.  We now have quite the pile of ash from burning all the palm fronds and branches that blew down.  We are still not finished cutting down and clearing out all the uprooted bushes and trees from the alcove area.  It's really no rush and with the heat hitting  "feels like" temperatures of 118 degrees, work is slow.


  1. So glad the camper didn't get injured!

  2. Izzy,

    You got some really bad weather, I'm happy to hear no one was hurt and your animals were all okay. Don't you hate it when the weather destroys old big trees. Can you cut up the trees and use the wood later after it ages?


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